Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Companies in 2021

Artificial intelligence is being embraced by several industries including manufacturing, automation, finance, agriculture, education, healthcare, and other industry verticals. Big companies like IBM, Amazon Web Services, and Siemens are funding AI startups and are also merging and acquiring small AI companies. A comprehensive market research report compiled by industry experts at Technavio predicts the global artificial intelligence (AI) market to grow at an impressive CAGR of more than 50 % over the next five years. 

This immense growth will be supported mostly by countries in Americas that contribute a majority of the global artificial intelligence market share, thanks to the high investment capabilities of the manufacturing, entertainment, and healthcare companies in the region.

10. Atomwise

HHeadquarters: San Francisco, California

Established in: 2012 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $14.7 million*

Atomwise is an AI organization that is focused on molecular functions. It operates on the basis of an algorithm for drug discovery. It simulates the process of binding molecules with protein using a neural network. It is powered by an ML technique.

With the help of Atomwise, scientists simulate molecular interactions that may work in preclinical trials. It caters to research institutions, pharma companies, and more. Its contributions have helped achieve great progress in the studies on various health conditions.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Established in: 2016 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $21.9 million* has become one of the top AI companies and has earned a reputation as an employee-friendly company. It offers revenue operations to business enterprises. It is also famous for its intelligence platform for the transformation of data into insights.

Its solutions are Ai-based and user-friendly, and the automation helps different teams in a company in understanding the company’s operations for better decision-making. While it’s still a new kid on the block in terms of revenue, its growth rate is remarkable.

8. Abnormal Security

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Established in: 2018 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $26.9 million*

An up-and-coming Ai organization that is now considered one of the best Artificial Intelligence companies to watch, Abnormal Security is a cybersecurity software company. The company helps save businesses from business email compromise attacks.

It stands out in the crowd of companies that build software to combat such attacks. The company keeps up with the fast proliferation of these attacks. It performs behavior profiling and predicts email legitimacy. Its revenue is growing at an impressive rate, too!

7. Clari

Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

Established in: 2012 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $42.8M million*

Another one of America’s hottest AI companies to work for, Clari, is a company that helps companies save a lot of money that otherwise goes unrecorded due to bad data. It has devised data entry and recording tools that enable the sales department to save time.

CEOs have noticed that the time that can be spent selling often goes into data entry. To ensure that correct data entry does not take time away from sales, Clari uses AI-based tools for CRM updates and enhances sales management and insight-based forecasting

6. Alibaba Cloud

.Headquarters: Hangzhou Shi, China

Established in: 2009 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $5.65 billion*

Alibaba Cloud is one of the top AI companies in Asia, dealing with cloud computing and ML. Its visual interface makes the platform user-friendly. It makes the assembly of an AI platform convenient using a drag-and-drop method to incorporate components.

It also helps include several algorithm elements to manage any number of tasks. It also allows clients to make use of prebuilt solutions. Alibaba Cloud has shown the fastest growth rates and is expected to go beyond just Asia, especially in IaaS and PaaS.

5. Google Cloud Platform

Headquarters: Mountain View, California

Established in: 2008 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $13 billion*

There’s no doubt that Google is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and data analytics. It has acquired several startups in the industry in the past few years to expand to and invest in fresh ideas. Businesses buy Machine Learning and AI services from Google Cloud.

The main software by Google Cloud is TensorFlow, which also has a chip project called Tensor AI. It focuses on meeting the requirements of developers and is excellent at managing and controlling Big Data. It is currently concentrating on analytics, AI, and ML.

4. Salesforce

Headquarters: San Francisco, California

Established in: 1999 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $21 billion*

Salesforce has spent around two decades in the Artificial Intelligence industry and is one of the most favorite AI companies to work for. Its customer management services are well-known. Its analytics, application development, and marketing automation are top-notch.

In the recent past, it has expanded its horizon by acquiring AI companies. One of its latest innovations is Salesforce Employees, an ML-based tool that makes employees more efficient. Don’t forget Salesforce Einstein to help build applications with unique features.

3. IBM Cloud

Headquarters: Armonk, New York

Established in: 2010 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $25 billion*

An early mover in Artificial Intelligence, IBM has been in this market since the 50s. One of its prominent AI solutions is Watson, a cognitive service. It has grabbed attention alongside scale-out systems for cloud-centered analytics and Artificial Intelligence services.

IBM has been investing in AI startups for many years now and has built a powerful cloud platform. It has not managed to create the same kind of awareness as other AI companies among the vendors of cloud computing. But its shares in IaaS and PaaS are impressive!

2. Amazon Web Services

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

Established in: 2006 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $45 billion*

AWS is a leading name in the AI industry, with cloud computing as one of the feathers in its hat. It is the biggest cloud computing provider and is proliferating. It caters to both personal and business-oriented requirements with its AI-based products and services.

While Alexa, the voice server, is a household name, Lex is a voice-controlled virtual assistant for business organizations. It is one of the primary AI-based services by AWS, besides Rekognition and Polly. AWS is set to create a niche of its own, operating in 42 areas.

1. Microsoft Azure

Headquarters: Redmond, Washington

Established in: 2010 

Annual Revenue in 2020: $60 billion*

One of the three leading names driving advancement in technology is Microsoft. In 2020, its revenue was majorly generated by the intelligent cloud segment, where Microsoft Azure has seen a growth of 51% with its consumer- and business/IT-centric projects.

Its AI-based solutions have taken over the lives of people around the world. From digital assistant Cortana to teenaged chatbot Zo – Microsoft is everywhere. Besides its bot services, Azure is known for its cognitive projects and ML solutions for SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

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