Top 10 fashion influencers in Egypt

Fashion in Egypt has evolved over time to match – and, in some instances, even exceed – global standards.

Today, a number of Egyptian fashion bloggers have taken up the challenge to showcase the best fashion trends from the Land of the Nile.

Their effect is seen in the eyes of Instagram and other social media sights have been so influential that even international designers have admitted that these Eastern women have a taste for high fashion trends. Some design houses even follow the MENA region in the hope that it will inspire the fashion trends of today and tomorrow.

That said, Egyptian fashion on Instagram is available to anyone who follows the right fashionistas. These women are rising up to the challenge in every aspect of haute couture and everyday wear. A number of these stylish Egyptian beaus also double up as fashion bloggers. In this, they direct theirs follows toward new trends both in the fashion world and in their social and professional lives.

The fashion trends in Egypt have additionally swept over to other aspects of modern, empowered living. Some of the fashionistas are working their magic in the MENA region and beyond by encouraging women everywhere to explore beyond their borders, try out new restaurants, and reach out to other young people through a variety of charities.

1-Sahar Foad

Sahar Foad is not only an Egyptian hijab fashion influencer but is also an Engineer!
Looking for tips on how to style your hijab with the latest trends? You need to follow Sahar Foad on Instagram and check out Essai, her daily personal style and fashion blog on Tumblr! Her looks range from classic and traditional to fashion-forward, giving her followers oodles of fashion inspiration.

2-Hadia Ghaleb

Hadia Ghaleb ranks among the most sought-after fashionistas and social media personalities on Instagram. Apart from founding the Ghaleb Production House, this Uber-stylish and self-confessed entrepreneur and athlete believes in capturing, wearing, and seeing art – which she executes perfectly in her Instagram posts.

3- Salma Abu Deif

Salma, who has over 111k followers, appreciates every kind of art. She also doubles up as a model, explorer, and actress.

4-Aliaawwe Hany

Aliaawwe is an Egyptian fashion influencer and social media ambassador on Instagram.

5-Mai Ibrahim

Mai Ibrahim is an Egyptian actress and radio presenter with over 1.1 million Instagram followers and an even larger Facebook following. Follow her on social media for video clips, fashion inspiration, and her day-to-day activities.

6-Marwa Hassan

Marwa Hassan is an Egyptian hijab fashion influencer who founded her clothing line. She’s married and has a beautiful little boy.

7-Huda El Mufti

An art and nature fan, as well as beauty, Huda has come into the limelight on account of her unique fashion sense. Her urbane glam guides the fashion choices of many young women in Egypt and beyond.

8-Ramy Saleh

Ramy Saleh—better known online as Coach Ramy—is an Egyptian CrossFit coach and one of only 72 Instructors worldwide (and the only one in the Middle East) who can proudly say he’s Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor.

9-Hussein Hekal

One half of the Hekla twins, Hussein has a sharp taste in fashion and a lively personality.

10-Nourhanne Eissa

Egyptian socialite Nourhanne Eissa is a popular lifestyle blogger and founder of consulting agency Ness Communications. With carefree style and a positive, energetic outlook, she inspires her Instagram followers through her daily outfits and her travels to luxe destinations.

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