Top 10 Ios games

If you’re looking for a fun game to play on your Apple phone, these handpicked favorites represent the popular and niche titles that you should be playing right now.

Whether you’re a PC gamer, someone who prefers a console, or an iPhone user who loves a cheap distraction, there’s a tie that binds us: We’ve all downloaded a game or two from the App Store.

Mobile gaming is all about convenience and quick dopamine hits, after all. Would you rather stand in line at the supermarket staring at the tabloids or fire up Crossy Road? It’s a simple decision. Deciding the games download isn’t quite as simple, however.

The Apple App Store is loaded with games, but avoiding the dregs can be difficult. Don’t fret, we’re here to help. We’ve highlighted the fun, well-made titles that deserve a home in your iPhone, so download these recommended games without worry. And hit the comment section to shout out your favorite games!

If you prefer to play on a device with more room to maneuver, we suggest heading over to the best iPad games.

1-The battle of polytopia

At the start of The Battle of Polytopia, you find yourself in a little town, surrounded by the unknown, with a single warrior unit under your command. The game gives you 30 turns to explore, locate and ally with or attack other miniature empires, research technologies, and advance your civilization.

Much of the game is based on strategizing, making the best use of limited resource allowances. Would it be beneficial this turn to research hunting and utilize nearby (and tasty) wildlife? Or would the smart move be getting the technology to forge huge swords, subsequently enabling you to gleefully conquer rival cities?

In essence, then, this is Civilization in microcosm – a brilliantly conceived mobile take on 4X gaming (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) that betters actual Civ games that have appeared on iPhone. In limiting your turns and giving you a score at the end, the game also feels puzzled, since you must figure out how to better your lot with very limited resources and time.

For more bloodthirsty players, there’s also a ‘domination’ mode, where you play until only one tribe remains standing. However you play, it’s an astonishing achievement, huge fun, and the best freebie game on iPhone.

2-Beyond asteel sky

Beyond a Steel Sky (only on Apple Arcade) is the long-awaited follow-up to Revolution Software’s 1994 adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky. This cyberpunk title honors the source material, but still recognizes the ways in which the point-and-click genre has evolved over the past quarter century.


Fortnite may be MIA from the App Store right now, as Apple and Epic Games work out their dispute over App Store fees. But you can still get your battle royale fix with PUBG Mobile, a startlingly good port of the popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds shooter. The iOS version of PUBG Mobile is all the more remarkable for running a heck of a lot more smoothly than its PC and console counterpart. Here you’ll find familiar maps like Erangel and Vikendi, but there’s also a map called Livik that’s made specifically for phones. Like other games in this genre, PUBG Mobile is a free download, with plenty of opportunities to make in-app purchases. But you can enjoy the game extensively without spending a dime if you prefer.

4-Among us

Among Us launched in 2018, but it inexplicably became super-popular in 2020. In this cooperative, multiplayer game, you work together to suss out the liar in the group, as you survive in space. We’re stuck at home right now, so this is the perfect game for keeping your social skills sharp (and your paranoia high).

5-street fighter IV

Street Fighter is one of the world’s biggest fighting game franchises, and now it’s come to your iPhone with Street Fighter IV CE. This mobile port of the 2008 video game gives you access to 31 fighters (including old and new favorites), some impressive graphics, single and multiplayer modes, and full game controller support as well. While you’ll need to pay to play this game, $5 is an absolute bargain for a game of this caliber, and the porting is tight and extremely well done. A great investment if you’re a lover of fighting games.

6-Clash Royale

Clash Royale takes a lot of cues from Blizzard’s collectible card game Hearthstone, but it differs in one big way: In this game, the battle cards actually come to life and duke it out on the battlefield.

Based on Supercell’s own popular Clash of Clans series, Clash Royale allows for team duels, in-game communities, special events, and much more.

Clash Royale combines collectible cards, tower defense, and online multiplayer to create a truly unique gaming experience. Since its worldwide release in 2016, Clash Royale has been nominated for many different awards and is now a popular international Sport.

7-farming simulator 20

Want to play a farming game, but not a fan of Stardew Valley‘s cutesy style? Farming Simulator 20‘s realistic approach and graphics are definitely up your alley. The mobile profession of farming has been faithfully reproduced down to the last brand-name tractor, with over 100 machines from real-world names, the ability to farm and harvest a wide range of crops, and the ability to hop on a horse and live out your cow-tending dreams. It costs $6, but if you’re a fan of a slower pace of life, this is definitely worth the initial investment.

8-final fantasy VIII

One of the greatest Final Fantasy games is also on mobile. Become a mercenary and take part in some intense turn-based combat, lose yourself in the epic romance, or just fly around the vast world aboard the Ragnarok. The mobile version allows you to play at three times speed, turn enemy encounters off, and max out your stats with the click of a button.

9-Genshin Impact

A newcomer on the mobile scene, Genshin Impact proved naysayers wrong that a true, console-quality title is totally possible on mobile. It’s absolutely stunning, with a bunch of characters to collect, a wide world to explore, and plenty of fun to be had. Check out our Genshin Impact tier list, Genshin Impact guide, Genshin Impact codes list, and Genshin Impact ingredients list to help you get started.

10-Call of Duty

It took years to get a Call of Duty game on smartphones, but Call of Duty: Mobile has proven to be well worth the wait. It actually feels like Call of Duty, for one, both in its gameplay (which handles well even with touch controls) and in familiar modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Gun Game. You can even enjoy a 100-player battle royale much like the Blackout Mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.  The game is a free download, and while there is a cash shop, you could play for hours on end and never have to touch it. call of duty does exactly what it says on the tin, providing a miniature version of the smash hit shooter series that you can play wherever you are. With your favourite characters, weapons, maps, and modes from the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series, this is a must-play for old-school COD fans. 

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