Top 10 Webinar Software in 2020

Webinar marketing is a vital strategy for B2B businesses and a lot of consumer brands are also turning to it for their own B2C marketing efforts.

Especially right now – with COVID-19 forcing so many businesses to move in-person events and sales meetings into a virtual environment.

With its cloud-based solutions and user-friendly interface, webinar software is an efficient solution that can meet the unique requirements of any professional, business or educational organization. Webinar software is strategically designed to facilitate hosts to organize webinars and workshops that engage a large number of attendees through HD video calling, audio calling, live sessions, and more. Public and private chat box with live polling and email integration features allow seamless presenter-host communications in between live sessions to ensure that objectives are aligned and any concerns regarding online attendee engagement are addressed.

10. MyOwnConference


About MyOwnConference: MyOwnConference provides a premium-quality platform for holding webinars, web conferencing, and online training. It does not require installation. You can view the webinar program in a browser. You can make the most of its features such as video conferencing, chat, webinar recording, and more. MyOwnConference is easy to use and a reliable option to demonstrate your presentation. The software supports 16 languages.

09. Paradiso Meeting

Paradiso Meeting

About Paradiso Meeting: Paradiso’s web conferencing software is a video conferencing tool offering more than just face-to-face interactions. This best-in-class web conferencing software lets users share their screens, create and have parallel breakout room sessions, chat via text, exchange files, communicate via digital whiteboards, and even broadcast online meetings to large groups of passive viewers.

Paradiso Meeting Webinar Features: Alerts/Notifications, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Screen Sharing

08. BigMarker


About BigMarker: Inspire more people and grow business with webinars and videos using BigMarker. BigMarker is a no-download, automated webinar solution. You can find webinar hosting, webinar marketing, and meeting space for product demos and sales meetings. You can also hold public and private chats, Q&A sessions with features such as Upvoting, Answering, and Publishing, Polling & Survey, Google Forms & Handouts, Call to action pop-ups, raise a hand and invite on stage.

07. ClickMeeting


ClickMeeting is another dedicated webinar tool and it pretty much offers all the features you would expect at this stage. The only major thing lacking is the automated relay feature, once again – but you can record webinars and download them for sharing.

It is a perfect enterprise solution for online training and e-learning. ClickMeeting is accessible through any device, and it does not require installation. It is simple to use. You can easily work with the tools it provides for making webinar sessions more engaging for your attendees.

06. Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting

About Zoho Meeting: Zoho Meeting is a robust web conferencing solution built for your online meeting and webinar needs. It is completely browser-based and attendees don’t need to download any application to attend a meeting or webinar. Keep your meetings handy using the desktop plugin for Windows and Mac, iOS app, android app, Google Chrome extension, Firefox extension, embed widget, and calendar integrations.

05. Business Hangouts

Business Hangouts

About Business Hangouts: Business Hangouts is your choice if you are looking for an affordable webinar solution. It provides online meeting and webcasting. Business Hangouts is a web-conferencing software for Google Apps. You can record events, customize event pages and emails using Business Hangouts. With Business Hangouts, you can find both, webinars and web conferencing features, in one place. This webinar software is a preferred choice of the enterprises, educational institutions, government agencies, marketers, and religious organizations.

04. Livestorm


Livestorm is the webinar and meeting solution for customer training sessions, demo, online courses, and online communication sessions. 

Everything work inside a browser, in real-time, without any download. We take care of everything for you so you don’t have to focus on the technical details. We provide a global webinar experience that does not stop at streaming your webinars. We provide a complete toolkit with beautiful registration pages, branding capabilities, widgets, integrations, analytics, and much more. 

03. Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam

About WebinarJam: WebinarJam provides universal compatibility. It is one of the most effective webinar broadcasting solutions. This software is integrated with YouTube. It also offers Pay-Per-View feature to its users. WebinarJam is packed with great features such as file sharing, automatic recording, social media integration, SMS and voice messaging, and many more. It is one of the best platforms for creating, hosting, and marketing webinars.

02. Zoom


Zoom is a general-purpose video conferencing tool that caters to business meetings, collaboration, and dedicated webinar solutions. There’s no webinar automation available with Zoom but you get a reliable system for an incredibly modest price tag if all you need is live webinar hosting. Low prices come at a cost, though, and there’s very little in the way of webinar marketing features with Zoom.

Zoom Webinar Features: Customizable Branding, Live Chat, Multi hosts, Polls/Voting, Q & A, Screen Sharing

01. GoToWebinar


About GoToWebinar: Connect with anyone from anywhere on any device through GoToWebinar. It’s a self-service webinar software, where you can find the video conferencing and web conferencing feature for your business. You can comfortably host large events, and share their webcam with the HDfaces feature. You can schedule meetings from anywhere, and collaborate with colleagues and clients. This software is available for desktop and mobile use.

GoToWebinar features:
Live webinars: Host lives webinars and shares recordings with participants later on.
Custom landing page forms: To encourage people to sign up for your webinars.
Email notifications: To remind people about your webinar event.
Engage: You can use live chat, polls, and send files to audience members during your webinar.

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